Announcement: Temporary Hiatus from Blogging

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all had a restful weekend, and that you’ve spent some part of it curled up with a book. 🙂 For today, I’d just like to let you guys know that I’ll be taking a temporary hiatus from blogging and the blogosphere. My grandmother passed away last Saturday night at the age of 90, so for the next one or two weeks, my family and I will be occupied with the funeral arrangements.

I’m not yet sure how to feel about her death, but the prevailing emotion seems to be relief. She spent the last two years bedridden and unable to talk, let alone do her favorite things (cook, walk around the temple, visit the market), so it was more difficult for me to see her alive but horrifyingly miserable than to accept the fact of her death. Despite the suffering she experienced in the past two years, though, her death was quick and peaceful. I have a feeling that she’s in a better place, and much happier than she was in the last years of her life. Even if I’ve stopped believing in organized religion, the whimsical side of me still likes to imagine her strolling down the streets of Paradise, with her usual market basket on one arm and her rosary beads on another, calm and content and completely at ease.

Rest In Peace, Guama. I’ll miss you, but I’m going to be okay. I hope you’re happy, wherever you are.


6 thoughts on “Announcement: Temporary Hiatus from Blogging

  1. Sorry to hear about your grandmother, but I do understand what you mean about relief. If you suffer and can’t do anything anymore, the quality of life can’t be great.

  2. I’m really sorry to hear about your loss. My grandmother passed away at the start of this year just before her 90th birthday as well. She had been suffering from advanced dementia in her latter years, but slipped away very peacefully at the end, so I can completely relate to your strange mixed feeling of sadness and relief. Sending positive thoughts your way. 💛

  3. Literary Elephant

    So sorry for your loss! It sounds like you have some good memories of her to hold on to and spent some quality time together, which always seems a comfort to remember in the end. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts this week, wishing you and your family well through this difficult time.

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