Weekly Wrap-up | March 15, 2020

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all cozying up indoors to stay safe from the virus. 😷 The situation’s getting worse here, but I’m trying to make the most of the time (and take the edge off my anxiety) by catching up on reading and blogging. Here’s a round-up of my bookish updates this week:

Posts This Week

Books I Finished This Week

Books I’m Currently Reading

Posts I Loved This Week

Some Non-Bookish Things

Podcasts I Listened to This Week:

Soundtrack of the Week:

Ever since both my brother and I started working from home this week, he’s had this song on loop. He was sad that this was forever going to remind him of COVID, and I have to agree. It’s a shame because I’ve come to really like it.

Life Updates

  • COVID-19 updates. Things have really escalated here ever since my post last Wednesday, when I last talked about the virus. It turns out that the Philippines doesn’t have a lot of cases because we weren’t f*cking testing in the first place. Now that our government has gotten ahold of more kits, our number of cases has risen from about 10 to 140, and all the local government units are scrambling to impose lockdowns and curfews. Despite these measures, though, our health system itself is so ill-equipped for this that it’s ridiculous—for God’s sake, the hospital staff don’t even have masks!!!—and a number of frontline workers are already being sent home for testing positive for the virus. It makes me really angry and anxious, and I can barely concentrate on anything else, since I can’t do anything about it but stay put. I hope our government can pull themselves together soon. Please keep us in your thoughts, along with all the other countries affected.
  • Workout updates. In other news… since the 21K race and the Spartan Sprint I’ve signed up for this year have both been cancelled, and since I’ll be staying home for a month, I’m faced with the challenge of putting together a new indoor bodyweight routine. I’m looking at a couple of YouTube videos, but suggestions are welcome!

Well, that’s it for my week. How was yours? How’re you and your family in the midst of the pandemic? Let me know in the comments. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up | March 15, 2020

  1. imfullybooked

    Thank you so much for featuring my review! Did you enjoy This is how you lose the time war? I’m seeing it everywhere now. I hope you stay safe and sane during these crazy times!

    1. Ah, to be honest, it was a 3-star read for me. You’re welcome! 🙂 The concept was clever and the writing was good, but there were too many things left unexplained, and the romance wasn’t too believable. 😦 Sad because I was so sure I would like it. I’ll be posting a review next week, if you’re interested. You too, stay safe!!!

  2. Thank you for linking to my review!
    I am a bit distracted at the moment, so I haven’t really made much of a dent in my unread WP books but I love following everybody’s thoughts!

  3. Literary Elephant

    Oh no, wishing you health and safety in the Philippines! This is such a crazy time. I’m very grateful for the ongoing Women’s Prize as a means of distraction, and looking forward to reading more of your thoughts on the books (as well as finally digging into them myself! 🙂 ) I hope you’re enjoying Queenie!

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