Weekly Wrap-up | May 10, 2020

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there! This week was a little more ‘eventful’ than my normal quarantine week—we celebrated my brother’s birthday last May 7 by ordering some of his favourite food, and then we celebrated Mother’s Day also by ordering out. My brother and I (half-)joke that our interactions with the people who deliver our food are the only things we look forward to now, lol. Still, the food was pretty great, and we spent a lot of time reminiscing, which was nice.

I’m not sure if our overall situation is improving, though. Just this week, one of our country’s major media and broadcasting companies, ABS-CBN, ceased operations because of the failure of the Congress to renew its franchise permit. Many (me included) suspect this is intentional, because ABS-CBN has been vocal in its criticism of President Duterte (whose populist appeal is very similar to that of Trump’s). Aside from the implications of this on democracy and free speech, a more practical concern is that 11,000+ employees have just lost their jobs, which extremely concerning given the COVID situation. Please keep us in your thoughts—there’s a lot of collective fear and outrage again here.

In other news, things are also slowly beginning to pick up with school. We now have a revised calendar for the next academic year, and I’m just waiting for the final dates for our Comprehensive Exams (we have those on the MA level, for some reason). I’m not looking forward to studying for those but having some certainty and getting back to making plans will definitely be a relief.

Posts This Week

Books I Finished This Week

  • Since I still have time on my hands—and I’m making the most out of it before school starts again—I read A LOT this week and I’m very pleased that I’m able to knock some books off my TBR.
  • I read On Beauty for my #ReadingWomen TBR because I’ve had the physical copy for so long, the pages have turned yellow. I like Zadie Smith as a ‘public intellectual’, but this book just didn’t work for me. On the other hand, Ocean Vuong’s On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous is a read from my API-inspired TBR, which I liked. Reviews to come.
  • I’m behind on catching up with new releases, so I’m glad I was finally able to get to My Dark Vanessa. Hopefully I’ll also be posting a review by next week.
  • Force of Nature and The Keeper are two crime novels on my TBR that I also finished this week. Mini-reviews of those and Darling Rose Gold will be up tomorrow.
  • The Duchess Deal was just SO MUCH FUN. Tessa Dare is one of my favourite HR authors, because her books are tooth-rottingly sweet without being cliché because of the great banter. I’ll probably devour all the books in her Girl Meets Duke series before posting a review.

Books I’m Currently Reading

  • This week, I’ve picked up Lawson’s Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, a hilarious memoir that Melanie @ Grab The Lapels is also reading to her spouse right now.
  • Tomorrow, I’ll be starting The Heart’s Invisible Furies, which will be a buddy read with Emily @ Literary Elephant. I heard that this book will be devastating, so naturally I’m looking forward to it.

Posts I Loved This Week

I was so busy with my wrap-up last week that I completely forgot to do this segment! So here are my favourite posts from last week:

For this week:

That’s it for my week! I usually have a segment on non-bookish things, but… well, I honestly didn’t do much with my free time aside from read, and I’ve been slacking off from working out because the heat and humidity is killing me. It feels like 44°C (111°F) here, apparently. How about you, how was your week? Let me know in the comments!


30 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up | May 10, 2020

  1. Oh, that is awful news about ABS-CBN – I will definitely keep the 11,000+ employees in my thoughts. I’m really glad you enjoyed On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous, looking forward to your review AND your review of My Dark Vanessa!!! Also what the heck it is 44C in Philippines right now?!?! I keep forgetting that we are in Spring because it has been so cold where I live! Yesterday it snowed in Massachusetts (it melted as soon as it hit the ground bc it was above 0C outside but STILL)!!

    1. Thank you, Hannah. And thanks for looking forward! I really see now where you were going with the connection between On Earth and Weather. 😀 And above 0C?!?!? I’ve never experienced anything colder than 4C, during a spring vacation in Japan. Our coldest here is 18C. I would die in cold weather. 😂 Hoping spring comes to you sooner!!

      1. Oh yayyy!! I’m glad I wasn’t crazy for saying there was a similarity there haha 😀 And thank you! I hope the heat and humidity calms down a little bit where you are!

  2. Sorry to hear things aren’t great where you are politically at the moment. I hope things pick up soon, and I’m glad you managed to enjoy your brother’s birthday and Mother’s Day in spite of everything! 😊

  3. There is a distinct possibility that the current situation can be misused by politicians across the globe. I hope, things won’t go too far in the Philippines. Nice, that you managed to celebrate your brother’s birthday even if it was a bit different. Great set of books, I am looking forward to your review of My Dark Vanessa. 🙂

  4. This is going to sound horrible ignorant, but I forgot Duterte was still around. He was in the news in the States for a long time, criticized for human rights violations (and I do see the irony of a country that keeps migrant children in cages calling out a leader for dealing with drug dealers cruelly). I will definitely keep you in my thoughts.

    In the States it feels like people decided there is no more pandemic because some states reopened their economies. I’m going back to work on Tuesday but will be very cautious. The public won’t be allowed in the building yet, which is a good thing as we get organized. Then, everyone is required to wear a mask.

    I’m glad you did two romance posts. They felt so very alive when I read them, like you really enjoyed yourself.

    1. Yes, we still have him for another two years, unfortunately. (Yikes, I didn’t know about the migrant children thing—though I imagine it might’ve gotten worse under Trump.)

      I hope cases don’t spike afterwards. I’m hearing that countries like Japan and South Korea are seeing a spike in cases again after reopening, and they’ve already been careful. Hoping all goes well at work!

      I definitely did, thank you. 😄

      1. In the U.S. they were separating migrant children from their parents and putting both in hold pens. To my knowledge, they’re still there, but so many wild, unbelievable things happen under Trump that it’s hard to find a target to aim your concern at. It just feels like everything is on fire, basically.

        And, I survived Day 1 at work!

      2. That is also a very accurate description for how things are here—everything is on fire.

        Congrats!!!! What’s the general atmosphere at work? I don’t know why, but I imagine my first day back will feel very celebratory.

      3. My husband insisted we get frozen yogurt to celebrate my first day back. I think he just wanted fro-yo, lol. Yesterday was good, but too many questions about what’s going to happen further into the future than we need to think right now. It’s hard to know what July will look like when we hadn’t even really started working (everything kicked off with a staff meeting).

      4. I love fro-yo, though it probably won’t be my celebratory food of choice. Mine would likely be ramen—we have some excellent ramen places here. And yes, the uncertainty makes it hard to plan. Will you be enforcing social distancing in your library? (I vaguely remember that you mentioned working in one in your earlier posts, likely pre-lockdown.)

      5. Well…..we are supposed to be doing social distancing, but we started on Tuesday and now it’s Friday and I feel like people are within hugging distance. Also, I keep seeing people taking their masks off, so I’m not feeling great about all that. However, I can do my own tasks for now and stay away from others. We’ll see about next week.

      6. I’ve never lived so much in the present as I do now. If I worry about what will happen next week, well, it could all change by Monday, so I CAN’T worry about what’s ahead.

      7. That’s interesting, and I feel the same now—a lot of my friends are worrying about the next semester and I’m like… well, we don’t even know what’ll happen next week. So I’m taking it a day at a time.

  5. I’m sorry to hear that things are so turbulent where you are right now. I hope that things start to improve there soon.

    I’m really looking forward to your reviews of On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous and The Heart’s Invisible Furies – I always enjoy reading your blog posts and these two have been on my reading list for a while 🙂

  6. Thanks so much for sharing my post!! You guys are lucky you have such warm weather, here in Canada it’s been snowing again lol. it got warmer for a bit and we were like yay spring time and then it snowed 🤷‍♀️ and im glad to see youve read so many good books! cant wait for your reviews of My Dark Vanessa and On Ocean We’re Briefly Gorgeous ☺

  7. 44C is intense! It’s been about 23C here and that feels like summer for us. I’m sorry things are getting rougher in your country. It’s so hard when you feel like you can’t trust or believe your own government. Hope your studying goes well and I’m glad you’re feeling a bit more certainty in that aspect at least.

    1. It’s technically a little less than 35C, but because of the humidity it feels like 44C. Everyone’s been complaining about it. Thank you for your sympathies—it really has been extra frustrating here because of how our government is handling it. And yes, at least there is one aspect I can control. 🙂

  8. Literary Elephant

    So sorry to hear about the political tension and unemployment going on in the Philippines! I hope there will be some resolution on the horizon, and am glad you and your family are still finding comfort in things like food even when times are trying.

    I’ll look forward to your review of My Dark Vanessa! I’m really hoping to get to that one in a couple weeks, it looks so good!

    And of course, thanks for the shout-outs! 🙂 I’m counting on THIF for a devastatingly good time!

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Yes, it’s as good as the hype makes it sound! There’s also a surprising unanimity in opinion regarding this—I see most people giving it 4-5 stars. Hope you get your copy soon!

      No problem! And same here. 🙂

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