Book Review: The Most Fun We Ever Had by Claire Lombardo

The Most Fun We Ever Had
THE MOST FUN WE EVER HAD by Claire Lombardo (Published by Doubleday Books in 2019)

My Rating: ★★

The Most Fun We Ever Had follows the lives of one white upper-class family over the course of four decades. We have the parents, Marilyn and David, who are still deeply in love after forty years of marriage; Wendy, the eldest daughter, who drinks and sleeps around to cope with the loss of her husband; Violet, the overachiever turned stay-at-home mom whose perfect life falls apart when her past resurfaces; Liza, a newly-tenured psychologist who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant by her unemployed long-time boyfriend; and Grace, the youngest and fresh out of college, who tells her family a lie that quickly spins out of control. When their secrets come out, old tensions and rivalries resurface, forcing each family member to confront and to rely on each other more than ever before.

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Book Review: The Dutch House by Ann Patchett

The Dutch House
THE DUTCH HOUSE by Ann Patchett (Published by Harper in 2019)

My Rating: ★★½

Aside from having all the elements I usually love in contemporary fiction (family saga, fairytale vibe, historical setting), The Dutch House was also my most anticipated read from the Women’s Prize longlist, so I’m doubly disappointed at how little I turned out to like it.

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