Weekly Wrap-up | April 4, 2020

Three weeks into the quarantine and I feel like I’m starting to kind of get used to it. I mean, I still wish it never happened, but I’m a lot less anxious compared to the first week and I’m better at not checking the news as much, so I guess those are small wins.

In other news, a paper I’ve co-authored got accepted for publication!!! 🥳 I’m still in shock over it since that paper was a shot in the dark—we only had two months to put it together—and we weren’t expecting to hear from the editors until May or June. I’m really happy, but then we still have to make major revisions and my body just isn’t ready for that kind of productivity right now 😂 I’m a little miffed that the editors have the capacity to be productive at this time. Sometimes I forget that just because I’ve been transformed into a slug that subsists on chips and Netflix doesn’t mean that everyone else is the same. It makes me feel annoyed and guilty. Maybe that’s why they’re editors of a journal and I’m still a poor grad student…

Anyway, I digress. Welcome to my weekly wrap-up! I’ll start with some bookish updates first before the non-bookish updates, as usual.

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Weekly Wrap-up | March 22, 2020

Hey everyone! It’s Day 11 of community quarantine here, and I’m still sane… so far. Mainly I miss walking around campus, seeing trees, and running, but I’m doing fairly well in terms of the social distancing aspect (perks of being an introvert, I guess). It’s also nice to finally be able catch up with my reading and reviewing, although I feel incapable of concentrating on anything else.

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Weekly Wrap-up | March 15, 2020

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all cozying up indoors to stay safe from the virus. 😷 The situation’s getting worse here, but I’m trying to make the most of the time (and take the edge off my anxiety) by catching up on reading and blogging. Here’s a round-up of my bookish updates this week:

Posts This Week

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